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Best Practices for Workload Automation in the Bimodal Era
IT operations are crucial elements of business operations. Some operations must be reliable and highly available while others are subject to near... read more
How the Software-Defined Data Center is Transforming End User Computing
Thanks to the rising importance of business mobility, the BYOD trend, and improvements in the underlying technology, the rate of adoption of... read more
Solving the Storage Challenge: Transparent Compression for Windows OS
Over the past decade, the amount of data enterprises gather and store has boomed. Many solutions, such as cloud storage and SSD technology, have... read more
The Evolving Threat Landscape and the New Best Practices for SSL
Threats to information security are becoming more sophisticated, targeted, and persistent. As new protective measures are developed and deployed,... read more
Maximizing Your Desktop and Application Virtualization Implementation
Companies of all sizes have realized the benefits of desktop virtualization, facilitating its rapid adoption. Whether you are one of the... read more
The Essentials Series: Achieving Continuous Data Protection
Protecting data is a fundamental responsibility for IT operations support staff. This task is not easy. Hardware fails and data is lost or... read more
The Shortcut Guide to Balancing Storage Costs and Performance with Hybrid Storage
The past several years have witnessed rapid changes in the way IT services are delivered. Virtualization is commonly used to improve the... read more
Key Considerations for End-User Management
Unless IT can offer the applications that employees need and allow them the workplace mobility they demand, IT will be seen as a barrier to... read more
The Definitive Guide to Cloud Acceleration
Cloud computing is an increasingly popular way to use computing and storage technologies, and it is changing the way businesses deliver services.... read more
Implementing Desktop Virtualization
Since the creation of the traditional desktop computer, administrators and end users alike have appreciated the computing power but have been... read more
The Essentials Series: Securing SharePoint Content
The growing popularity of Microsoft SharePoint should come as no surprise to IT professionals. We have long struggled to help business users... read more
Discovering Web Performance Issues Before Your End Users Do
At the end of the day, your site is evaluated by end users through what they see. They stand as judge and jury on whether your site is doing its... read more
Best Practices in Virtual and Cloud Management
Virtualization complicates, even as it optimizes. With virtualization having become so popular, it’s time for another look at... read more
Collaborative and Agile Project Management
Project management is increasingly difficult as IT project portfolios grow, projects employ multiple technologies, and personnel take on multiple... read more
Controlling Costs with Managed File Transfer
Data is constantly moving through organizations to business partners and into the cloud. Businesses depend on file transfer methods for day-to-day... read more
Protecting Against Web Application Threats using SSL
Businesses face an increasingly complex set of threats to their Web applications - from malware and advanced persistent threats to disgruntled... read more
Protecting Data with a Unified Platform
Data is an increasingly valuable asset to businesses, governments, and other organizations; protecting this asset is an increasingly complex... read more
Eliminating Insecure and Unreliable File Transfer Methods
Transferring files often appears to be a simple task that is easily scripted. As a result, many organizations are littered with quickly written,... read more
PCI Compliance and How SSL Certificates Fit
The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Standards were designed to help protect consumers, merchants, and banks from costly fraud due to insufficient... read more
Implementation Strategies for Fulfilling and Maintaining IT Compliance
Businesses are struggling more and more with the compliance requirements being pushed on them from every angle. The reality is that such... read more
Securing Your Exchange Server Using SSL
Exchange Server specifically, and Unified Communications in general, have become increasingly critical components of organizations'... read more