Maximizing Your Desktop and Application Virtualization Implementation

by David Davis


Companies of all sizes have realized the benefits of desktop virtualization, facilitating its rapid adoption. Whether you are one of the enterprises who have already adopted desktop virtualization or you are about to be, you must ensure proper implementation in order to benefit from all the latest innovations. Smart companies are leveraging innovations such as intelligent image management, performance management tools specifically designed for VDI, and access to remote applications for end users. Recently, DaaS has entered the picture, giving cause for companies to consider when and where to take advantage of it. To make the right choice for your company, this guide will help become educated about the latest innovations in desktop and application management and delivery.


Article 1: Using Hosted Application with Desktop Virtualization

With insight into the latest developments in desktop and application management, you can help your company realize the ideal setup for your environment. New desktop and application virtualization solutions are providing administrators the option to support more use cases with both VDI and hosted applications easily and effectively, through a single unified interface.

Article 2: Desktop and Application Virtualization Management Best Practices

The reliability, availability, and performance of your environment depend on the proper time investment, upfront—and the right tools to keep it running smoothly over time. By automating tasks the first time you do them, you won’t have to reproduce them. Although it sounds simple, many administrators never invest their time in this automation and orchestration process. The small investment required for automation will result, in the long term, in much greater efficiency for you, as an administrator, and for your company.

Article 3: Considerations for Implementing Desktop as a Service

The design, purchase, implementation, administration, troubleshooting, and ongoing refresh of VDI environments requires more time and resources than some companies have to invest. Also, some use cases may be better suited for more dynamic deployment mechanisms. More and more, enterprises are considering and making the move to the latest desktop as a service (DaaS) solutions. To realize the greatest success, enterprises must select the right DaaS solution, and this article explores how to do just that.