How it works

Realtime Nexus Digital Library is a digital library for IT professionals and executives, offering free access to eBooks, article series, podcasts, guides, video, and other resources. All resources are produced exclusively by Realtime Publishers and authored by one of our many experts and IT veterans. By becoming a user of Realtime Nexus, not only will you enjoy unlimited access to all publications produced by Realtime Publishers, you will also be able to save all of your publication downloads and come back to them at any time. Additionally, all of our written content is offered in PDF format that you are free to print and take with you!


Downloading an eBook or series from Realtime Nexus is easy! Just follow these four steps...


Step 1: Find an eBook that interests you, either from the Category listing in the sidebar, or through our Google Search box.


Step 2: Decide which chapter or article you would like to download, and click its "Download" button.


Step 3: If you have not previously done so, you will be asked to register. Fill out our simple registration form and click "Submit". You will receive a confirmation email with your confirmation code.


Step 4: Confirm receipt of the email, and you will be directed back to the eBook page. Your chapter will download automatically. If it does not, simply click the "Download" button again to restart the PDF download.



Note To Our Readers: These Are Not White Papers!


Books offered through Realtime Nexus are not corporate-authored white papers. They're real books, written by independent authors, just like the books you might find at your favorite bookseller. Our books have only two differences: First, they're electronic - which makes it easier for us to distribute them (we let you print them if you prefer hardcopy). Second, they're not $70, $60, $50, or even $20 - they're free. We've found partners that help us cover the cost of the book's production and distribution, just like advertisers help pay for your favorite television shows. We retain complete editorial control over our books, and are entirely focused on producing technically-accurate books that speak solely with our authors' voices.


Why are some of the chapters not available yet?


We publish each of our eBooks using the "real-time publishing" model, which is the concept of posting a publication as chapters/volumes/articles are written rather than waiting until the publication is completed and printed. There are many benefits to this approach, especially for the IT industry. Information changes so rapidly in the IT world that printed materials are often outdated or need supplements by the time they hit the street. The "real-time" concept allows readers to receive information as it is written, so that it is relevant to today's environments.


What is the difference between a Shortcut Guide and a Definitive Guide? Tips & Tricks Guide? The Essentials Series?


Not everyone learns in the same way, and not everyone needs the same type of information at the same time. For that reason, Realtime Publishers produces different book series, each with a different level of subject matter coverage.

  • The Definitive Guide is part of our flagship book series. These in- depth books contain several chapters while providing concise and authoritative technical content.
  • The Tips and Tricks Guide is written in a "question and answer" format, designed to provide fast and accurate answers to the most common topical questions.
  • The Shortcut Guide is a shorter book, usually about four chapters in length and providing moderate topical coverage with a focus on practical solutions and education.
  • The Essentials Series title is a fast look at some of the industry's most leading-edge topics, designed to provide a fast background and timely expert insights.


From time to time we also produce other series, such as a Reference Guide or Executive Guide, which provide specialized content for a specific audience.