About Realtime Nexus Digital Library

Realtime Nexus Digital Library is one of the world's leading sources of free, expert technology publications. Realtime publications are published in "real-time", offering the most timely knowledge on many IT topics. IT professionals may download any of the publications offered in our library at no charge, and all publications are available in PDF format.


About Realtime Publishers

Realtime Publishers is the world's leading provider of expert, third-party independent content for the IT market. Realtime Publishers has single-handedly revolutionized the technology publishing industry through its unique approach of publishing high-quality expert IT content authored by the world's leading technology experts and offering it at no charge to subscribers. Realtime Publishers offers its expert content in a broad array of formats including web, electronic, print, and video media.


In addition, Realtime Publishers utilizes its real-time publishing method, whereby full chapters from its newest eBooks are published as soon as they are complete! This ensures that readers of Realtime publications get the most relevant, timely information as soon as it is available!


Realtime Publishers publishes several series of eBooks and videos, including: The Definitive Guide®, The Tips and Tricks Guide™, The Shortcut Guide™, The Video Guide™, The ExamPrep Guide™, and The Essentials Series.


Realtime Publishers is a privately held company located in San Francisco, California. If you are a technology, software, or hardware marketer and would like to know about our sponsorship and content marketing opportunities, please email us at