The Essentials Series: Improving Application Performance Troubleshooting

by Don Jones


Tired of having your entire team spend hours - or even days - troubleshooting poor performance in a single application? Maybe you should rethink the way you troubleshoot and the tools you use! In The Essentials Series: Improving Application Performance Troubleshooting, IT expert Don Jones explains why up to 80% of application performance problems wind up being "fixed" multiple times by different IT team members - costing companies an average of $45,000 per hour of downtime. You'll learn about new tools and approaches to performance troubleshooting, making your first tier of tech support better able to hand off application problems to the team member who can actually solve them, and helping your entire team quickly and effectively identify root performance issues.


Article 1: Why Diagnosing Application Problems Is Too Hard

Why is application troubleshooting so difficult? Because you're probably doing what most IT teams do: throwing the entire team on the problem. You're relying on single-discipline tools and tossing the problem back and forth between developers, admins, DBAs, and more - and frustrating everyone in the process.

Article 2: Faster, More Efficient Application Troubleshooting

Improving your application troubleshooting skills means pinpointing the cause of the problem more quickly - preferably using tools that can automatically (and almost instantly) profile the entire application, not just a piece of it. Forget single-discipline tools and start thinking of the entire application as a holistic entity.

Article 3: Becoming Proactive in Application Management and Monitoring

Once you've nailed application performance troubleshooting, why not get more proactive? Start spotting problems before they occur, and solving them before they cause downtime. The key: Using the same, whole-application tools to spot trending issues and alert the right IT person before the issues become downtime.