Greg Shields

Greg Shields is an independent author, speaker, and IT consultant, as well as a Partner and Principal Technologist with Concentrated Technology.  With 15 years in information technology, Greg has developed extensive experience in systems administration, engineering, and architecture specializing in Microsoft OS, remote application, systems management, and virtualization technologies. He is a Contributing Editor and columnist for TechNet Magazine and Redmond Magazine, and serves as the Series Editor for Realtime Publishers, the world’s leading provider of high-quality content for the IT market. Greg is a highly sought-after and top-ranked speaker for both live and recorded events, and is seen regularly at conferences like TechMentor Events, Microsoft Tech Ed, VMworld, and more. He is a multiple recipient of Microsoft “Most Valuable Professional” award.

Books by this author:

The Definitive Guide to Building a Windows Server 2008 Infrastructure
The Definitive Guide to Business Service Management
The Shortcut Guide to Selecting the Right Virtualization Solution
The Shortcut Guide to Network Management for the Mid-Market
The Essentials Series: Eliminating Administrator Rights
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The Shortcut Guide to Virtualization and Service Automation
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The Definitive Guide to Application Performance Management
The Essentials Series: Fulfilling Compliance by Eliminating Administrator Rights
The Essentials Series: Solving Network Problems Before They Occur
The Essentials Series: The Business Benefits of Rapid Application Failover
The Essentials Series: Why You Need to Defragment
The Essentials Series: Important Questions in Implementing Virtual Desktops
The Essentials Series: Fundamentals of Effective File Server Security
The Shortcut Guide to Architecting iSCSI Storage for Microsoft Hyper-V
The Essentials Series: Automation Tools for Windows 7 Migration
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Solutions for Automating IT Job Scheduling
The Essentials Series: VDI or Desktop Virtualization: What's Right for You?
The Essentials Series: Resolving VMware vSphere's Six Biggest Performance Issues
The Essentials Series: Tactics in Optimizing Virtual Machine Disk IOPS
Best Practices in Virtual and Cloud Management