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The Essentials Series: Active Directory 2008 Operations

by Greg Shields


In The Essentials Series: Active Directory 2008 Operations, Windows administration guru Greg Shields provides step-by-step guidance to assist the Windows administrator with understanding the implications to security, recovery, and auditing upon the upgrade to Active Directory in Windows Server 2008. Greg provides useful advice and detailed instructions on implementing auditing and recovering objects for Active Directory in Windows Server 2008, as well as best practices for designing and implementing Read-Only Domain Controllers


Article 1: Understanding Active Directory Auditing in Windows Server 2008

Active Directory auditing gains new granularity in Windows Server 2008, specifically through the breakdown of the traditional nine categories into 50 new subcategories. In this first article, Greg discusses the new subcategories, where they’re useful, and the new processes for configuring them on Windows Server 2008.

Article 2: Understanding Active Directory Recovery in Windows Server 2008

Recovering Active Directory objects and whole Domain Controllers has traditionally been a complicated process. But in Windows Server 2008 that process gains a few new native tools to ease the pain while reducing downtime. The second article in this series will discuss the tools and steps necessary to restore objects and DC’s now available in Windows Server 2008.

Article 3: Understanding the Security Implications of Server 2008 RODC's

Windows Server 2008 includes a new type of non-writeable Domain Controller called a Read-Only Domain Controller. This new class of DC has specific uses in branch offices and quasi-secured locations. In this final article, learn the best practices for implementing RODC’s in your environment and the steps necessary to create your very own.