The Essentials Series: Architecting the Right Solution for Strong Authentication

by Jeffery Hicks


Insufficient security is a hidden problem that many businesses are not fully aware of until it is too late. Weak authentication, silos of compliance reporting, a multitude of management tools, and poor security practices contribute to data breaches and compromised systems and leave organizations vulnerable to other pervasive threats. Fortunately, strong authentication systems can address these issues. A combination of consolidated identity management, single sign-on services, and comprehensive compliance reporting can reduce compliance costs, improve security, and remove significant drag on innovation. The Essentials Series: Architecting the Right Solution for Strong Authentication examines ways in which weak authentication hampers business operations, criteria for selecting a strong authentication system, and tips on how to deploy and manage strong authentication systems to control risks and improve the efficiency of business operations.


Article 1: The Perils of Weak Authentication

Weak authentication could be affecting your business and IT operations in ways you didn’t imagine. Explore the effects of weak authentication and how strong authentication can add value to your organization.

Article 2: Selecting a Strong Authentication Solution

Security solutions by nature must be organic to your environment. Debunk the myths surrounding strong authentication and discover what questions to ask and what topics to consider when searching for a solution. If you don’t ask the right questions and fail to do your homework up front, you won’t be satisfied, and, more important, neither will executives and end users.

Article 3: Deployment and Management of Strong Authentication Solutions

Implementing a strong authentication solution is more than simply installing a piece of software. It can be a complex and overwhelming task. However, with careful planning in a few key areas, you can effectively deploy your solution as well as get the most from your investment.