Don Jones

Don Jones has more than a decade of professional experience in the IT industry. He's the author of more than 30 IT books, including Windows PowerShell: TFM; VBScript, WMI, and ADSI Unleashed; Managing Windows with VBScript and WMI; and many more. He's a top-rated and in-demand speaker at conferences such as Microsoft TechEd and TechMentor, and writes the monthly Windows PowerShell column for Microsoft TechNet Magazine. Don is a multiple-year recipient of Microsoft's "Most Valuable Professional" (MVP) Award with a specialization in Windows PowerShell. Don's broad IT experience includes work in the financial, telecommunications, software, manufacturing, consulting, training, and retail industries and he's one of the rare IT professionals who can not only "cross the line" between administration and software development, but also between IT workers and IT management. Don is a co-founder of Concentrated Technologies, and serves as author and series editor for Realtime Publishers.

Books by this author:

The Administrator Shortcut Guide to VB Scripting for Windows
The Administrator Shortcut Guide to Configuration Management for the Windows Enterprise
The Shortcut Guide to Automating Network Management and Compliance
The Shortcut Guide to Network Compliance and Security
The Definitive Guide to Enterprise Network Configuration and Change Management
The Definitive Guide to Quality Application Delivery
The Definitive Guide to Scaling Out SQL Server 2005
The Definitive Guide to Securing Windows in the Enterprise
The Tips and Tricks Guide to Active Directory Troubleshooting
The eBooklet Series: An Introduction to Microsoft PowerShell
The Shortcut Guide to SQL Server Infrastructure Optimization
The Essentials Series: Code-Signing Certificates
The Shortcut Guide to Certificates in the Enterprise
The Definitive Guide to Building Code Quality
The Definitive Guide to Windows Application and Server Backup 2.0
The Essentials Series: Mainframe Application Modernization
The Essentials Series: Improving Application Performance Troubleshooting
The Shortcut Guide to Achieving Business Intelligence in Midsize Companies
The Shortcut Guide to Secure, Managed File Transfer
The Essentials Series: Building a More Energy-Efficient Data Center
The Definitive Guide to Monitoring the Data Center, Virtual Environments, and the Cloud
The Essentials Series: Strategies for Cloud Storage, Data Protection, and Disaster Recovery
The Five Essential Elements of Application Performance Monitoring
Intelligently Reducing SharePoint Costs Through Storage Optimization
The Administrator Crash Course: Windows PowerShell v2
Endpoint Data Encryption That Actually Works
The Tips and Tricks Guide to Managed File Transfer
Active Directory Troubleshooting - Best Practices
The Essentials Series: Cloud-Enabling Legacy and Mainframe Applications
Securing Your Exchange Server Using SSL
The Essentials Series: Simplified High-Performance Computing for Everyone
The Essentials Series: Taking a Fresh Look at Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
Creating Unified IT Monitoring and Management in Your Environment