The Essentials Series: Virtualization Backup and Recovery Solutions for the SMB Market

by Jaime Halscott


Backup solutions for virtual servers run the gamut from tools designed primarily for physical servers to tightly integrated virtualization-specific solutions. With organizations demanding fast, reliable and affordable backup and recovery, what should a small or medium business look for when selecting a solution?


Article 1: How Traditional Physical Backup Imaging Technology Fits Into a Virtual Backup Solution

Many small and medium businesses are now familiar with image-based backup solutions that have been used to protect physical machines, and they wonder how or whether this technology can be applied to their growing population of virtual machines. The benefits of image-based backups for bare-metal restoration and fast, complete recovery are well known. As such SMB customers naturally want to adapt these familiar backup solutions to virtual servers. What are the strengths to this approach and what challenges are likely to be encountered?

Article 2: 10 Must-Have Features for Every Virtualization Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution

Virtualization platforms are different from physical platforms. The virtualization benefits extend to management and support for tightly integrated backup and recovery solutions. Solutions designed exclusively for virtual infrastructure backup provide a host of key benefits and should be leveraged whenever possible.

Article 3: Developing a Backup Strategy for Hybrid Physical and Virtual Infrastructures

Small and medium businesses may find that either a mix of virtualization platforms or a hybrid physical and virtual infrastructure makes selecting a single solution difficult. Being able to put best of breed solutions together as part of a cohesive backup and recovery strategy is going to be critical to any business.