White Paper: Archiving Options for the HP E5000 Messaging System for Microsoft Exchange

by HP


The growth in messaging presents both business and technical challenges to enterprises of all sizes. Messaging platforms, such as Microsoft Exchange, have become essential business applications as important as financial, order fulfillment, and management reporting applications to the day-to-day functioning of a business. We only need to imagine our Microsoft Exchange servers being unavailable for a day to understand how dependent many of us are on messaging services. As with any complex information systems, messaging services require a broad set of support functions that can challenge the most experienced systems administrators.

From configuring and tuning servers to deploying archiving services, the task of maintaining messaging infrastructure is a demanding, time-consuming process. Requirements will vary from one enterprise to another. The number of mailboxes, the volume of messages transmitted, the configuration of storage, and other considerations affect how we tune Microsoft Exchange servers. Until now, there were significant hurdles to optimally tuning a messaging server, resulting in days of training, documentation review, forum searching, and of course a good bit of trial and error. Today, there is an alternative. HP, in partnership with Microsoft, offers a solution to those challenges with the HP E5000, a converged solution optimized for Microsoft Exchange 2010 running on HP industry-standard servers.

This whitepaper discusses common messaging challenges facing today's enterprises and describes how the HP E5000 provides a comprehensive and flexible platform for meeting the messaging needs of today's enterprise. The paper is organized into four main sections:

  • Overview of messaging challenges
  • Archiving: an essential messaging service
  • Meeting archiving requirements while addressing messaging challenges
  • Meeting a variety of business requirements with the HP E5000
We conclude with a summary of how the HP E5000 can reduce messaging complexity while maintaining flexibility with regard to archiving architectures and software platforms.


White Paper: Archiving Options for the HP E5000 Messaging System for Microsoft Exchange