Building Business Productivity with Unified Communications

by Ken Camp


Any business that has experienced growth in the past decade has faced the problems and inefficiencies of the expanding network. Such expansion has put a strain on IT managers to figure out how to seamlessly (and inexpensively) connect multiple locations, communicate with off-site business partners, and manage mobile workers. In The Essentials Series: Building Business Productivity with Unified Communications, renowned business technology expert Ken Camp reveals how new unified communications strategies can eliminate unnecessary costs by unifying the requisite voice and data services and extending them to multiple locations. Ken goes on to clearly demonstrate how any business can use enhanced communications tools to greatly improve customer satisfaction and dramatically increase worker productivity.


Article 1: The Power of Convergence in Business Communications

What are the primary business drivers for unified communications solutions? Increasing worker productivity and keeping a leash on operating costs are always a concern. But what does this mean in terms of enhancing business communication? In this first article, Ken Camp explores the thinking behind today's unified communications convergence and adoption as a mainstream business solution set. You will learn about leveraging the Internet as a business resource. You will also learn about the true costs and benefits of implementing a unified communications solution.

Article 2: Networking for Increased Productivity and Reduced Costs

Does your business exist in multiple locations? Do you connect with customers, business partners, suppliers, and others as part of the work flow? Networking with IP-based communications solutions connects your company into a single, unified business operation. By integrating processes with technology, you will reduce operating costs and enjoy a solid return on investment. Author Ken Camp shows you how to leverage networking techniques to extend your reach, creating a business communications environment that integrates the business technology array into a single solution to strengthen your presence in the marketplace.

Article 3: Integrating Mobility Into Business Unified Communications

Is your staff increasingly reliant on mobile telephones? Does your business need to integrate remote and mobile workers more effectively when they're out of the office? Do you think this integration is unattainable? You might be surprised. Current unified communications solutions enable comprehensive integration of mobile workers as well as increased availability and improved productivity by providing easy access to network resources regardless of staff location. Let author Ken Camp show you how to maximize the potential of your mobile workforce and create an environment of customer responsiveness that gives your staff the tools they need to work any time and any place.