The Essentials Series: Making High Availability Pay For Itself

by Ron Barrett


Not only has technology changed the way we do business, it has changed the way we view the ability to do business. Users and clients expect unprecedented levels of availability from applications and services, forcing businesses to contend with growing requirements to keep availability at its highest levels. But providing this level of availability doesn’t have to break the bank. The Essential Series: Making High Availability Pay For Itself provides IT decision makers with metrics, solutions and the vision to present high availability as a business value.


Article 1: High Availability’s Spectrum of Cost and Capabilities

High Availability (HA) is no longer an all or nothing technology. In this first article, you will gain an understanding of the trends that have transformed HA into an essential part of the business model. You will also learn about the core metrics used to evaluate HA solutions, as well as some of the HA technologies available to you.

Article 2: Matching High Availability Technology with Business Needs

The second article concentrates on the concepts of availability, beginning with a discussion of the various levels of availability. The article constructs a matrix of availability vs. affordability, and closes with a look at how to match the various levels of availability to business needs.

Article 3: Relating High Availability Metrics to Business Value

In the final article of this series, you will learn how to effectively present the business value of high availability. With a deeper look into the metrics introduced in article 1, you will gain a solid understanding of what these metrics teach us about our environment. The article finishes with some suggestions on how to align the metrics, technology and business needs to create an effective high availability solution for your organization.