The Essentials Series: Virtualization and Disaster Recovery

by J. Peter Bruzzese


Virtualization has existed for decades, and yet the rate of adoption in recent years has skyrocketed along with the innovative ways that virtualization can be utilized. The Essentials Series: Virtualization and Disaster Recovery discusses the benefit of virtualization in providing for business continuity though data replication and protection, allowing a more cost-effective solution for high availability and disaster recovery.


Article 1: Data Protection in a Virtualized Environment

Learn the essential concepts of disaster recovery when teamed with virtualization solutions. This first article discusses the concept of virtualization, cost savings of using a mirrored set of servers (especially a mirrored site), and benefits to WAN replication and virtualization.

Article 2: Leveraging Virtualization for High Availability and Business Continuity

The second article of the series explores replication-based technologies: how they relate to high availability and server consolidation (whether in a physical-to-virtual scenario or a virtual-to-virtual scenario) while providing immediate recovery solutions and long-term data protection and archiving. You will also learn how virtualization can assist in keeping your company running within regulatory compliance.

Article 3: Replication and Recovery Management Solutions

The final article of the series takes a step outside the technology to look at pricing models for both a purchased and rented virtualization solution. Per-Instance or Per-CPU licensing for virtualization will be discussed. You will learn how to calculate and maximize your ROI based on different needs and concerns in order to find a solution that will be an excellent fit for your company.