The Essentials Series: Security Information Management

by Dan Sullivan


Maintaining information security is a multi-faceted operation that is best managed with a single comprehensive strategy rather than mix of tactics based on whatever point solutions are already deployed. In The Essentials Series: Security Information Management, readers will learn about the fundamental processes and technologies that support security information management (SIM) operations, as well as the business justification for SIM. The series includes an examination of different options for implementing SIM and evaluation criteria for selecting the best options for a particular organization.


Article 1: The Business Case for Security Information Management

Security management is as much about business as it is about technology. This article describes threats to networks, data and other information assets as well as methods for assessing those threats. Both business managers and technology professionals will find benefits of security management outlined here.

Article 2: Foundations of Security Information Management

A robust security information management depends on a combination of data collection, data analysis, incident response and adaptive organizational behaviors.  In the second article in this series, readers will find detailed information on how to determine sources of security event information, challenges to coordinating data, and best practices for responding to security incidents. 

Article 3: Making Security Information Management Work for Your Organization

Security information management is not without its challenges. Fortunately there are options for addressing these difficulties which range from installation issues and information overload to unanticipated costs and significant management overhead.  This article examines the pros and cons of in-house applications versus on-demand solutions and outlines points to consider when assessing the best security management option for your organization.