The Essentials Series: The Business Imperatives of Compliance in the UK

by Kevin Beaver


The Essentials Series: Business Imperatives of Compliance in the UK examines the compliance requirements that affect practically every type of business in the UK and have changed the way organizations manage information risks. This new series, intended for information security and compliance managers, explores the underlying premise of regulatory compliance and how it can be managed through the effective use of policies and procedures in day-to-day business. Anyone playing a part in compliance in UK-based organizations will benefit from the practical solutions and suggestions outlined in the material.


Article 1: Managing Compliance in the Healthcare Industry

With all the complexities associated with the information systems and business processes in healthcare, management in the healthcare industry must be extra vigilant to ensure compliance with all the regulations. This first article explores the compliance realities affecting the healthcare industry in the UK. It focuses on the National Health Service (NHS) and other regulations that apply to healthcare organizations and outlines how healthcare managers can address information risks and compliance in the healthcare environment as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Article 2: Managing Financial Compliance

The transition to Internet-based solutions and the increasing demand for customer privacy have resulted in strict policies and requirements from both government agencies and industry bodies for the financial industry. The second article of this series explores the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and Payment Card Industry (PCI) regulations and outlines how business managers can address information risks and compliance in a financial environment.

Article 3: Managing Compliance in Business Today

In today’s world, there is hardly anything that is not regulated in business. The governance and oversight of sensitive information stored, processed, or otherwise handled in a business setting is no exception. It used to be that best practices and best effort were thought to be enough. We now have compliance to deal with. The last article in this series outlines how normal UK-based business managers can quickly and efficiently get their arms around compliance as it relates to information risks involved in today’s businesses.