Data Protection and Compliance in Complex Environments

by Kevin Beaver


Today's businesses are often under the gun to meet certain data protection requirements. Unfortunately, many companies lack a cohesive strategy for assimilating, managing, and protecting that data. New regulatory requirements are often placed upon businesses with stiff penalties for noncompliance, with equally demanding deliverable dates. Global organizations are even more complex due to international laws. In The CSO Executive Series: Data Protection and Compliance in Complex Environments by information security expert and author Kevin Beaver, readers will learn how to clearly classify, protect, and report on critical data that requires the highest due diligence and protection efforts.


Article 1: Primary Concerns of Regulatory Compliance and Data Classification

Why be concerned about data protection, privacy, and compliance? What are the primary concerns of C-level information protection professionals on this subject today? What laws and regulations are you obligated to comply with, and what is the extent you need to plan in order to meet some of these obligations and objectives? In this article, Kevin Beaver explores the rationale behind data protection, privacy, and compliance, and sets the stage to begin planning a cohesive data protection and compliance strategy.

Article 2: Finding, Classifying and Assessing Data in the Enterprise

In the second article of this series, Kevin Beaver answers questions about assessing the data that you may be responsible for protecting. How do you know how much data you have to classify and protect? Where is it located, and who are the owners? What classification mechanisms are most appropriate? Finding data starts with the data flow. You must understand where your data is stored and where it is going in order to set effective protection mechanisms.

Article 3: Data Protection Reporting and Follow Up

So you've established protection mechanisms for your critical data. How do you make sure your controls are effective? There are several key metrics and methods for evaluating the effectiveness of your controls. In this final article, Kevin Beaver shows you what metrics work in today's businesses and how to evaluate and report on your metrics.