The Essentials Series: Managed Application Failover for the SMB

by David Chernicoff


Application failover provides a critical part of the process for keeping your business running in the face of a technical disaster. The complexity of the process keeps many smaller SMB customers from implementing the necessary hardware and software to take this critical step in becoming a more effective business entity.

In The Essentials Series: Managed Application Failover for the SMB, we will explain the concepts underlying the managed services approach to business continuity issues and provide the reader with the key concepts and critical decision points that need to be hit when choosing to use managed services and selecting a provider.


Article 1: Understanding Managed Services

In the first article, we will explain the technical concepts behind managed services and how these services are delivered. We will look at the benefits that managed services can provide to the IT process. We will also discuss common IT processes that can be moved to the managed services platform and provide some key insights into the relationship between IT and the managed services provider.

Article 2: Understanding the Business Benefits of Managed Services

The second article offers a look into the business benefits of managed service, from improving the flexibility of the organization to managing the risk associated with the adoption of new technologies. This article also discusses the cost benefits of adopting a managed services platform.

Article 3: Implementing Business Continuity Services for the SMB

The final article provides an in-depth discussion surrounding the importance of providing business continuity services. This includes the steps necessary to provide business continuity to the internal consumers of IT services, as well as the steps necessary towards building a business continuity model using managed service providers.