The Essentials Series: New Techniques for Creating Better Backups

by Eric Beehler


The world of backups is an essential piece of an IT infrastructure. With new technologies coming online and new issues around data security, the question becomes whether your backups are keeping up. Virtualization presents new challenges to the old agent based network backup, data breaches force you to take a second look at security, and the sheer volume of data puts backup solutions at their breaking points. The Essentials Series: New Techniques for Creating Better Backups takes a fresh look at backup technologies that address these challenges of virtualized servers, options and management of backup encryption, and the benefits of data deduplication for efficient use of backup resources.


Article 1: How Virtualization Changes the Standard Approach to Backups

Virtualization is the technology that brings consolidation, but that is exactly why existing backup techniques can run into trouble. Learn the various methods for successful backup of a virtualized server environment and understand why one size does not fit all.

Article 2: Avoid Making Headlines by Securing Your Backups

Very public announcements of lost backups that cause breaches of personal data have put IT departments into panic mode. Don't be the next company on the news for lost data. Find out what options for encryption are available and how to implement the technology successfully.

Article 3: Reducing Backups with Data Deduplication

Data storage keeps growing at an exponential rate. With that comes longer backup times and the expense of running expensive tape libraries. Reign in cost and need for resources by utilizing data deduplication to find the redundancy in the vast amount of data being stored. Get familiar with the options and the way it makes you change the way you think about the backup window.