Kevin Behr

Kevin Behr is the President and Founder of the Information Technology Process Institute as well as the CTO of IP Services. Kevin’s 15 years of IT Operations, Security and Field Engineering experience in environments ranging from Financial Services, Manufacturing to the Technology Sector has allowed him to identify common problem domains and develop powerful solutions for IT Operations that span industry and scale. Kevin is working on development of IT operations management curriculum and research grants in conjunction with researchers from the Decision Sciences and MBA Programs at the University Of Oregon Lundquist College Of Business. He is co-authoring a new book with Ron Neumann focused on development of corporate governance models to address the rapid transition of US corporations into a knowledge capital based economy. Kevin’s recent article writing on operational integrity and IT process improvement in both whitepaper and article forms have been published by the IT Authority at, AFCOM and by the SANS Institute. Kevin is currently working on prescriptive adoption methods that integrate best practices in IT operations, security, and audit. Kevin holds the Certified Information Systems Auditor designation and is also ITIL certified.

Books by this author:

The Shortcut Guide to Managing Certificate Lifecycles