Jim Cavanagh

Jim Cavanagh has spent more than a quarter of a century working, predominantly, in the lower four layers of the OSI Model—Physical, Data Link, Network, and Transport—and with the entire range of technologies and services found there, including optical, DSL, ATM, Frame Relay, IP, and network and physical security. Jim works at The Consultant Registry, a global telecom, networking, and security consultancy he founded in 1994. Jim’s long and varied career has included network design, operations, implementation, training, planning, sales and marketing support, consulting, and writing. Career highlights include the design and deployment of the first public, private, and hybrid Frame Relay networks, design of national and global ATM networks, and work in traditional telephony and IP networks, including extensive work in all areas of voice communications: TDM, Voice over ATM, Voice over Frame Relay, Voice over IP, and signaling. Jim is the recipient of the International Communications Association’s 1995 Citation of Merit Award for his “outstanding contribution to global telecommunications” and was recognized by the San Jose Chamber of Commerce for his post 9/11 security white paper series of which more than 10,000 copies were distributed to managers globally. Jim has hosted or participated in almost 50 industry panels and was featured in the TELUS Expert Series on the topic of network and infrastructure security. His most recent areas of focus are implementation of voice, data, and video triple play multimedia networks, with an emphasis on rural telcos and the use of IP technologies in public safety and law enforcement.

Books by this author:

The Definitive Guide to Successful Deployment of VoIP and IP Telephony